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We strive to deliver the highest quality of clinical care to our patients. There are 3 operation theatres, two major and one minor theatre, which cater to the needs of all the eye surgeries. We also have an ICU within the theatre complex. The anaesthesia machines in our theatres are modern machines equipped with several safety features like Hypoxic Guard and Modern Vaporizers to ensure the wellbeing of patients.

Keeping with international standards of minimal mandatory monitoring for patients undergoing anaesthesia, all theatres are provided with Non-invasive Multiparameter Monitors including ECG, NIBP and Pulse Oximetry. We also have a Biphasic Defibrillator along with a Pacer to deal with life-threatening cardiac emergencies.


At the Preoperative Assessment Clinic we provide preoperative evaluation, preparation, and education for outpatients and same-day surgery patients. Preoperative assessment includes obtaining complete medical history, relevant physical examination, laboratory & radiological evaluation of patient’s condition .The decision to obtain further tests will be based on the individual’s health, relative to the upcoming surgical procedure. Such decisions require direct collaboration between the patient’s primary care physician, anesthesiologist and surgeon.

We take great pride in our collaborative efforts to ensure successful outcomes for our patients. We provide patients with up to date information regarding their anesthesia and surgery.


We provide various types of Anaesthesia such as:
1) Conscious sedation and monitored anesthesia care

2) Regional Anaesthesia like
a. Topical anaesthesia
b. Peribulbar (extraconal) anaesthesia
c. Sub-Tenon’s anaesthesia

3) General Anaesthesia
Depending upon the patient and relevant surgical factors, we ensure routine monitoring and optimal functioning of vital organs during surgery. Our doctors monitor, prevent and manage adverse events, should they occur, intraoperatively.


Postoperative care is given in the ICU ward depending on postoperative status of the patient. We ensure routine monitoring of vitals, providing adequate pain relief and reviewing discharge criteria before certifying patient discharge. In fact, patients are primed with appropriate postoperative instructions at the time of release.

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