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Vishnu Eye Clinic offers comprehensive services for diagnosing and treating various retinal disorders. Our retinal specialists make use of the latest equipment to detect retinal conditions such as Diabetic retinopathy and Age related macular degeneration amongst others. At Vishnu Eye Clinic, we realize that ophthalmology is increasingly becoming an equipment-based practice. Good results not only depend on excellent surgical skills but also on the capabilities of the instruments and machines used, which is why we continue to invest in the latest that technology has to offer.

a) Diagnostic procedures

1. Fundus Photography
Allows doctors to procure color photographs of the back of the eye.

2. Fluorescein Angiography (FFA) –Topcon
This is a diagnostic procedure that photographs blood circulation of the retina. The process involves injection of a dye called Fluorescein into a vein in the arm or hand.

3. Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography (SD-OCT) – Nidek RS 3000 and Zeiss Cirrus HD
This diagnostic procedure is very similar to the CT scan of the brain. It uses a beam of light and its reflection to obtain cross-sectional images that provide information about the different layers of the retina.

4. B-scan Ultrasonography
This procedure involves use of high-frequency sound waves to examine the eye when normal view is obscured by hemorrhage or cataracts.

5. Visual Field Analysis
This procedure allows measurement of the full extent of the area visible to an eye that is fixating straight ahead.

b) Surgical procedures

Our retinal service includes Laser photocoagulation for various retinal disorders including diabetic retinopathy.Lasers are performed under topical(eyedrop) anaesthesia and are performed as an outpatient procedure.

Intravitreal injections have brought forth a new era in the treatment of Age related macular degeneration , Diabetic maculopathy and other retinal vascular disorders. Injections of Lucentis(Ranibizumab), Avastin (Bevacizumab),Macugen( Pegaptinib Sodium)and Ozurdex(Steroid implant) are given as an outpatient procedure.

Micro incision and sutureless (23/25 gauge) vitrectomy(MIVS) is performed using the CONSTELLATION® machine.
The advantages of this surgery is the absence of stitches in the eye; hence the post-operative recovery is faster.

The surgeries performed at Vishnu eye clinic include
• Scleral Buckling
• Vitrectomy for retinal detachments, epiretinal membrane, macular hole,vitreomacular traction, vitreous hemorrhage, parasitic cysts, dislocated nucleus, dislocated intra ocular lens
• Vitrectomy for diabetic retinal detachment
• Scleral fixated IOLs

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