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What are contact lens?

Contact lenses are a common solution for people with vision correction needs. They provide patients with flexibility and convenience.
They are used to correct various disorders such as myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), astigmatism etc

How do contact lenses work?

Contact lenses are tiny discs with optical powers that rest on the layer of tears produced naturally by the human eye.

How do I get contact lenses?

Contact lenses are prescribed by your doctor. You will have to undergo a simple eye exam which determines the type of lens, size and material best suited for you.

How long do I wear contact lenses?

Your doctor will educate you on the proper use of contact lenses. You will be told how long you can wear them and how often you should replace them.

What are the different types of lenses?

1. Soft Contact Lenses
Made of soft, flexible plastics, soft contact lenses are more comfortable on the eyes as they allow oxygen to pass through to the cornea.

2. Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses (RGP)
RGP contact lenses are more durable and provide crisper vision. They are also less expensive as they last longer than soft contact lenses.

3. Disposable Contact Lenses
These contact lenses are designed for single use. A brand new pair of lenses is used each day and discarded.

How do I care for my contact lenses?

Your doctor will advise you on the best way to care for your prescribed lenses.

Why is lens care important?

The wearer must be responsible with regard to lens care, as the eyes, lens and case are hospitable environments for bacterial and fungal growth.

What if my eyes become red or irritated?

Your doctor must be informed immediately as any redness or irritation in the eye should be taken seriously.  The wearer must take the lens out, rinse and disinfect them and switch back to glasses right away

Are there any risks involved with using contact lenses?

Contact lenses can put you at risk of various eye infections.. These usually occur when proper care is not taken in keeping them clean. Some of these conditions can develop suddenly and in rare cases, even cause blindness. An eye care professional must be contacted immediately in case of eye irritation or infection.

Some symptoms of eye irritation are discomfort, tearing, unusual sensitivity to light, itching, burning, redness, blurred vision, swelling and/or pain.

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